Zach Bryan Teases 10 New Snippets Of Songs

Zach Bryan Teases 10 New Snippets Of Songs

Zach Bryan teases 10 new snippets of songs posted on his Instagram account on June 26. Despite releasing three projects in 2022, American Heartbreak, Summertime Blues, and All my Homies Hate Ticketmaster (Live From Red Rocks), Bryan continues to create music nonstop.

Comically, Bryan captioned the 10 snippets with “This one was for me, I do not care if you like it. I love you guys and thank you so much for getting us this far.”

Listen to Zach Bryan’s 10 New Snippets Below!

This caption does not come as a surprise, neither does the announcement that Bryan is working on new music. Earlier in the month of June, Bryan tweeted something similar, stating how some people may like the music and some people might not.

While these snippets vary in length, all of his songs have the same thing in common: they’re all raw, they’re all emotional, and they’re all a masterpiece.

Even though Bryan fans must wait until he properly announces the new album, they can still be able to see him perform live, as he is heading back to Red Rocks and has some festivals along the way as well.

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Zach Bryan Teases 10 New Snippets Of Songs

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