Zach Bryan Releases Two Versions Of “Something In The Orange”

Zach Bryan Orange

People are going crazy for Zach Bryan, who has recently released two versions of his latest single “Something In The Orange”. The Oklahoma native has an enthusiastic fanbase that has been compared to Beatlemania. When you get your first listen of either version of “Something In The Orange”, you’ll find out why. Though the same song lyrically, the distinctions carry different weight. “Never been more invested in something. I told my family and God however long it takes is how long it takes. Jumped the gun before and I refuse to ever do it again,” Zach tweeted prior to revealing the song.

The main cut of the track has a haunting Western sound to it. It twists mystery and melancholy together. Another version, titled the “Z+E version”, is more instrumental. This version features piano, violin, and a forlorn harmonica, emphasizing the despair. Both versions hammer home the message of heartbreak in the song.

To You I’m Just A Man To Me
You’re All I Am
Where The Hell Am I ‘supposed To Go?
I Poisoned Myself Again
Something In The Orange Tells Me
You’re Never Coming Home

“Something In The Orange” will appear on his first studio album American Heartbreak, to be released on May 20th. This effort is slated to have a whopping 33 tracks on it! It’s going to have something for everyone and will create many more enthusiastic fans for Zach Bryan. In the lead-up to American Heartbreak, stream “Something In The Orange” below, as well as some other singles due to appear on the album. Also make sure to follow Zach Bryan on Twitter and Instagram.

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