Andrew Unrau Releases New Single “Don’t Tell Me I Can’t”

Andrew Unrau

Hometown: Lake City, FL

Genre: Pop Country

Influences: John Mayer, Jack Johnson, David Nail, Dierks Bentley

Nashville recording artist, Andrew Unrau, just released “Don’t Tell Me I Can’t” and you’ve got to check it out. Everyone has a dream and with every dream, comes haters. “Don’t Tell Me I Can’t” is what we all need to say to people who discourage us from what we want to be and what will make us happy. Andrews tells us, “‘Dont’ Tell Me I Can’t’ is about breaking out of a small town to chase dreams that others deem impossible or pointless regardless of the criticism.”

The chorus shouts the message with a catchy pop country beat to back it up.

Now I’m leaving this town behind
Putting you as far as I can out of my mind
You can tell me I wont make it
But I’ll show you I will
Just don’t tell me I can’t go to Nashville

Andrew Unrau Don't Tell Me I Can't

What defines you as an artist?

“I always write from a real place and try to bring positivity through my lyrics. I also don’t do very many covers. I really have one that I do. Besides that I stick to original music.”

How are you different from other songwriters?

“My unique take on Country that seems to bring people from both country and non country sides.”

Andrew Unrau is currently working on setting some shows up so you can see him live soon. In the mean time, check out his music on Apple Music and Spotify!




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