Brett Eldredge Shows Truth and Pain in ‘Castaway’

Brett Eldredge - "Castaway"

Brett Eldredge fans were happily surprised with the new song release “Castaway”, from his upcoming self-titled Album. The album drops on August 4 and we have already seen 4 of the 12 songs, including “Somethin’ I’m Good At”, “The Long Way”, “Love Someone”, and now “Castaway”.

Brett brings out his soft and honest side with “Castaway”. He questions being in love or running away from it, with the melodic chorus. Somehow, he’s always between the two, being a stranded lonely man.

“Why do I always try
to run away from you?
Please, don’t say
a castaway
is what i was born to do
i guess ill always be
lost without you”

You can really feel the pain in his heart with the heartbreaking cries before the last chorus.

Eldredge announced the release of “Castaway” on his Instagram story, where he was on a boat in the open water. Some of his fans commented on his facebook post with nice words and their own relatable stories.


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