Get to Know Christina Taylor: Nashville Recording Artist Rocking the Country Music World

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Genre: Country
Influences: Eric Church, P!nk, Joss Stone

What were some of your favorite songs in your childhood?

“I listened to a wide variety of music growing up. I was head banging to Marilyn Manson ‘The Beautiful People’ at three years old, but was also jamming out to Shania Twain ‘Honey I’m Home’ in my moms mini van on the way to the grocery store every week.  I also loved dancing in my living room to Britney Spears and Destiny’s Child.”

With your parents in the medical field, when was the moment you realized you wanted to do music?

“Growing up with parents in the medical field, I always thought that’s where I would end up. I always wanted to help people like them. But when I was about sixteen years old I decided I wanted to pursue music, and I realized that I would be helping people like they do.  It would just be through music instead of medicine.”

Is there a story behind your debut single, “Don’t Look Good In Your T-Shirt Anymore”?

I went through my first break up about a year and a half ago, and I had to get rid of all of his baggage including the favorite t-shirt of his because it didn’t look right anymore now that we weren’t together. That’s how my song “Don’t Look Good In Your T-Shirt Anymore” was born. When you’re in love with someone, you put their t-shirt on and feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. But when that love is lost, the t-shirt just doesn’t seem to fit right anymore.

Don’t Look Good In Your T-Shirt Anymore

How did it feel to listen to yourself on Radio Disney Country and CMT for the first time?

“Listening to myself on RDC and CMT for the first time was the most amazing feeling in the world. Not only do each of these platforms have amazing fans, but they are also run by amazing people. To have their support is something I will never be able to thank them enough for.”

If you could have every person in the world listen to one song from your EP, which one would you choose?

“If I could have everyone in the world listen to one song off of my EP, I would have them listen to ‘If It Ain’t One Thing’. It’s such a positive song about life and dealing with the tough times that come along with it. We’re all going through something, and we can all get through it!”

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What is one thing you want your fans to know about you and your music?

“I want my fans to know that as an artist and person, I always strive to be real and raw. I don’t want to sugar coat anything, because peoples lives aren’t sugar coated, so how would anyone really be able to relate?  I want my music to be about real things that I’ve gone through, because chances are, if I’ve gone through it someone else has too.”

Do you co-write with any songwriters in Nashville?

“I write with a lot of people! Nashville is all about co-writing.  I do most of my writing with Sherrie Austin and Will Rambeaux.  They are so talented and have taught me so much about the writing process.”

What do you do in your spare time?

“In my spare time I am really into working out.  I love to be active and eat healthy, eighty-five percent of the time at least. I love running, and doing kickboxing workouts. I also love hiking!”

Christina Taylor

What is the next step in your music career?

“I think the next step in my music career is to record a few more songs and get on the road a little more to show everyone my new stuff and make personal connections.  Its one thing to have people hear my music through a computer or phone, but it’s a whole other thing to be able to sing it live for people. It really gives everyone the full experience and the emotion behind the song.”

Where can your fans see you perform?

“I perform a lot at the Sutler in Nashville, TN, so if you’re ever in town make sure to come out and see me! I am also shooting to perform at some more festivals coming up in the summer so I hope I can see y’all there!”

Christina Taylor performing at The Sutler

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