Country Artist Stephanie Owens Seeks Crowdfunding for Upcoming EP

Stephanie Owens

In this day and age of the DIY music career, funding to advance an artist’s growth may be challenging to get. Thanks to Kickstarter, Pledge Music, and other crowdfunding websites, those new artists starting to build their music catalogue and fan base can be given a platform to raise money in exchange for rewards.

There are many success stories from artists achieving their campaign goal through crowdfunding. Stephanie Owens, Nashville based Country music singer-songwriter, is about to be the next success story. The goal is $19,000 for her debut album and music video. Stephanie’s campaign ends on Saturday, October 28th and will need to be fully funded or it will fail. There are awesome rewards if you “back the project” including the pre-released album, autographed album, Skype performance, and house concert!

What are some track titles included in your debut album?

“The tracks titles are ‘Behind the Wheel’, ‘Little Girl in the Mirror’, ‘Heart Taker’, ‘Rest’, and ‘Box of Letters’ (bonus acoustic song).”

What is “Little Girl in the Mirror” about?

“Little Girl in the Mirror is a reflection of my story.  When I was 11 years old, I developed body image and identity struggles and had an eating disorder for four years.  That was a time that really shaped me as a person and made me into who I am today.  Looking back now, I know that I was given my story for a reason, and it is my true passion to use my music to inspire and encourage others who may still be facing similar struggles.  One day in a writing session, my co-writer friends and I started talking about my story.  One of my co-writers had that title.  So we wrote a song about wishing you could go back to that ‘little girl in the mirror’ that you once knew before society told you who you were supposed to be or what you were supposed to look like.  So the song is about embracing your true identity and resisting cultural pressures.  This song really resonates with me, and I hope it can encourage everyone who hears it!”

What reward do you hope a lot of fans will choose?

“I am very grateful for any donation!  I really hope a lot of people will back the reward for an Autographed Album ($50).  While I know that physical CD’s are slowing dying because of the digital age, there’s something to me about holding a tangible product in your hand.  There’s character and history there.”

Which reward is your favorite?

“My personal favorite reward is the Skype Studio Session ($1000).  While I know that is a very large amount to give, I think it would be awesome to show people a behind-the-scenes look at the recording process!”

Why did you choose Kickstarter over other crowdfunding sites?

“I chose Kickstarter over other crowdfunding sites for two main reasons.  First of all, Kickstarter is one of the original and most popular crowdfunding sites for artistic campaigns, so, from the research that I could find, there is more chance of success with this platform for creative projects.  I also really like the Rewards incentives.  To my knowledge, Kickstarter is the only popular crowdfunding site where Rewards are a necessary part of the platform.  I believe this really helps people feel that they are going to see/hear the results of their contributions in a tangible way, and it shows a sense of accountability in that I will indeed produce what I promise.  It gets people more excited about being involved as a donor!”

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