Crush Your Fitness Goals With These Free Home Workouts

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No Gym? No Problem!

Personal trainers, fitness instructors, gyms, and online coaches have very recently upped their no equipment workout game. You can find free live and pre-recorded workout videos on social media, but it could be overwhelming when you search “at home workouts”.

We found the best FREE workouts for you, whether you want to participate in Planet Fitness‘ live class or get shredded following Vin Sant‘s 62 video playlist.

If yoga is more your style or you want to try it in the comfort of your own home, we’ve got 3 great options to choose from. Depending on your experience level, you can watch a Donelson Hot Yoga instructor and follow along or listen to Small World Yoga instructor’s soothing voice. Put on your own calming music to enhance your on demand at home yoga class.

Vin Sant’s At Home Workouts Video Playlist

MadFit’s No Equipment Workouts Playlist

Fitness Blender’s 10-60 Minute Workouts Playlist

Pamela Reif’s Home Workouts Playlist

Orangetheory Fitness’ Daily At-Home Workouts

Blink Fitness’ Daily Live 8am Workouts

Planet Fitness’ Daily Dance Party Work-ins

Scott Herman’s Follow Along Workouts Playlist


CorePower Yoga’s Daily Live Classes

Small World Yoga’s Live Classes

Donelson Hot Yoga’s Live Classes

DIY Home Gym



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