Jonas Brothers Are Back! (For real this time)


For anyone like me who was a diehard JoBro fan in middle and high school, then you know this is not their first hint at a reunion. You may remember a few year ago when they announced a reunion tour (and you patiently waited to buy those oh-so expensive tickets that were going to be so worth it) that they cancelled just days before the first show. Many rumors swirled about why and we never got a clear answer. Well that traumatic day has now been forgotten because THEY ARE REUNITING with NEW MUSIC this time.

No hype, no hints. Just an announcement today that they are releasing their new single “Sucker” at midnight eastern time (or 11pm for those of you who live in Nashville like us). The cover looks promising!

To tease the reunion, the bros have also recreated their infamous “Oh how the tables have turned” video.
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To get hype for this release, here are some of our favorite JB songs!



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