Meet Country Songwriter from Washington: Kassidy Lynne

Kassidy Lynne

Hometown: Maple Valley, Washington
Influences: Taylor Swift, Hannah Montana, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Maren Morris, Shania Twain

What is your background in music growing up?
“I actually don’t have a background in music. No one in my family sings or plays an instrument, so my singing and writing ability is a God given gift. I was always singing and performing for my family growing up. When I was 11 I started taking vocal lessons so I could enter a local ‘idol’ contest. I didn’t win, but I fell in love with the stage. I continued pursuing my lessons and it eventually landed me in Nashville working with singer/songwriter Jordan Pruitt when I was 13.”

Who influenced you to do music?
“Hannah Montana.  I grew up watching Hannah and wanted to have my own show just like her. I was obsessed with her. My first concert was the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Tour and I knew that was what I wanted to do. Then of course, Taylor Swift took it to a whole new level with all her love songs. Taylor is so personable, and that is something I try to do as well with my music. I love the fact that both of them are real. They don’t try to be someone they aren’t and I admire that about them.”

Kassidy Lynne

Releasing your debut EP at age 14 is impressive. What have you learned as an artist since then?
“There are more ‘no’s’ then ‘yes’s’. Throughout this journey I have really learned that you have to trust God and take your time. Whenever you get a ‘no’, you have to pick yourself back up and continue fighting for the dream you started. I don’t like the word ‘no’, so it motivates me to do better.  At some point you will meet the right people and have the right team beside you, and the ‘No’ will become a ‘yes’. I have also learned that this does not happen overnight. I didn’t realize how many steps there are to doing anything in this industry.  The process of writing, singing, recording, promoting myself, finding places to play and finding the people who can help you get to where you want to go, its just so much to learn. But, I am learning a lot as I go along and I am blessed to have a great team behind me and am excited to see who else comes along side me.”

What is your songwriting process?
“My writing process changes depending on who I am writing with. Most people ask, ‘how do you get the ideas/concepts?’ For me the idea for a new song can come out of no where or it can be something i am going through at the time. Sometimes i will be walking around my school or driving and an idea will pop into my head, sometimes with some lyrics, and i will put it in my notes in my phone. Then later I will sit down and see if i can make something out of it. When i co-write, typically its when i am in Nashville. I will schedule writing sessions with 2 or more people and we will bring our ideas or lyrics together and eventually knock out a song! I love writing with other people because you get so  many perspectives and ideas that you wouldn’t have on your own!”

What is the story behind “Baby Just Cruise”?
“‘Baby Just Cruise’ actually started out being a song about my truck  that I had recently got, ‘Dempsey’. My co-writers, Juleah Barettsmith, Brian Oaks and I weren’t sure where we wanted to take the story. Throughout trying to get my career going, my peers at school had never really seen the side of me that i portray in my music, the creative, country side of me. So we decided to go with ‘I know you think you know me’ (first line of the song) but I’m going to show you a different side (the wild side) you haven’t seen, in a relationship perspective. We really wanted to go toward a Maren Morris meets Miranda Lambert route with this song, and in my perspective, I think we went above the expectations I had with ‘Baby Just Cruise’! And the music video – I love it! Stephen Vidano & Brian Oaks worked on the storyline and I am so happy with the way it turned out. The story behind the video is so creative! Can’t tell you too much! Don’t want to spoil the plot twist, you’re going to have to watch the story unfold yourself! If you go to my website you can watch the video directly from there! Tweet me and let me know what you think, @Kassidylynne14 !”

How does it feel to have been nominated for many awards?
“It is a dream come true. And I can’t wait to have a number 1 song! I never thought I’d be nominated for the first song I ever wrote, ‘Carolina Water’, let alone the first song I ever released. So being nominated for all these awards is a little overwhelming. To win the Hollywood Music in Media Award for ‘Carolina Water’ was totally unexpected. I really didn’t think I had a chance as I was nominated with some amazing people and I was the youngest one in my category. I didn’t even have a speech prepared. I am told I did a great job accepting my award, haha.  I am so thankful and blessed to be on this journey and for all the support I have been given and the people I’ve met. I can’t thank everyone enough! Being nominated for awards has truly been life changing and has pushed me to continue pursuing my career to the fullest potential. I am so thankful for all the opportunities I have been given!”

What are your plans for this year?
“Well, I finally released ‘Baby Just Cruise’ in February and my music video to go with it – so that was exciting! I’ve already written 2 new songs and will be writing a lot more.  I would love to release an EP, but I know the songs have to be really good, so that is what I’m striving for. I will be playing festivals around the Seattle Area and hopefully get in on some writer rounds in Nashville. I’ve already booked 4 performances for the Miss Washington, Oregon, Montana & Idaho USA Pageants. Also, I am going on tour! High School Nation asked me to be a part of their spring tour for the Arizona week! I’m so excited to play at 5 different high schools over the course of the week and all the students I’ll meet! It’s going to be so much fun! I can only imagine the other amazing things God has in store for me in this next year!”

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