Keep Your Friends Close and ‘Aaron Friend & The Enemies’ Closer. “Colors” EP release tomorrow at The East Room

Expanding your repertoire is a challenge many artists never overcome.

Aaron Friend has used that notion as his primary motivation in writing, recording, and producing his new “Colors” EP, to be released tomorrow, March 29th, 2018.

Aaron, whose last name is indeed ‘Friend’, is originally from Cleveland, Ohio. The northern native rocker has amerced himself in the Nashville music scene for over a decade, by way of writing, producing, and working full-time at the Performing Rights Organization, BMI.

Over the years, Aaron has performed on various stages around town. For example, some of his highlights include Mercy Lounge, Exit-In, and 3rd and Lindsley. While performing at well-known Nashville live music venues is exciting, Aaron says nothing has been as exciting as the launch of this EP. “The recordings on ‘Colors’ release pull influences from David Bowie, The Killers, and other upbeat, iconic indie rock”, says Aaron.

This collection of songs was co-written and produced by Ryan Truso and Jackson Eppley. Truso and Eppley have claimed song placements through television and film worldwide, and even garnered recognition at the London Production Music Awards being nominated for “Best Pop Song”.

‘Colors’ has served Aaron Friend & the enemies as a creative awakening that has stirred a new fire for performing in the heart of an artist. Come see for yourself tomorrow night at The East Room, located at 2412 Gallatin Ave. The show starts at 7pm and entry is $6, which includes a copy of the EP!




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