Meet Meg Williams, A Blues Artist and Guitar Slinger

Meg Williams

Hometown: Hornell, NY
Genre: Blues-Rock
Influences: Susan Tedeschi, Bonnie Raitt, Norah Jones, ZZ Ward, Derek Trucks

What is your music background?

“I’ve been playing guitar for about 16 or 17 years now – I’ve always loved music and art since as long as I can remember! I studied guitar throughout high school (blues, rock, jazz), as well as piano. I started my first few bands when I was 15 or so, discovering my love for performing and songwriting. My first few songs were definitely about food but it became more serious after that (haha). I started singing and performing professionally when I was a few years into college and moved to Rochester, NY, where I studied Music Therapy and guitar at Nazareth College.  I played around the Greater Rochester Area and western NY with my band and as a solo/duo act. We played several festivals, and many local venues and bars. I visited Nashville several times and discovered my love for this city, and decided to make the move to further my career as a musician.”

When did you move to Nashville?

“I moved just over a year ago in July 2016!”

You play at a lot of venues in town. Where is your favorite place to play?

“I love playing at The Country and Soulshine Pizza Factory”

Do you feel like it’s easier to grow as a blues/rock artists in a saturated Country community?

“When I first moved here, it was a bit challenging at times – many people automatically assume you are a Country artist if you move to Nashville. But I have found a strong community of blues and rock artists/appreciators here in Nashville, so I do feel very supported. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to find other blues artists and grow. Nashville’s location is also very central to other major blues/rock cities in the south, so many artists come through here.”

What did you learn about yourself and your music from your new EP?

“I feel like I really narrowed in on my sound & style and finally have recorded music that represents what I play.”

Meg Williams

What is the idea behind your new EP?

“This EP consists of songs I wrote as I was making my decision to move to Nashville and still living in Rochester, NY (“Not My Problem”, “You Let Me Down”) , during the process of making my move (“Bad Lovin'”, “Maybe Someday”), and then once I got here (“Little Bit of the Devil”, “I Feel a Heartache Coming”) – so it’s a whole year of change and growth in my life, exposure to different places and inspiration. I wanted to take all of the songs throughout this past year that I most identified with and put them on the EP.”

What is the story behind “Not My Problem”?

“Getting to that point in a bad relationship where you just don’t care anymore, and you know that it’s over (or pretty much over). They can stay or they can go and do whatever they want. Either way – it’s not your problem anymore.”

Is there a story behind your title track “Maybe Someday”?

“There are so many terrible things going on in the world & it can really weigh on a person. I wanted to have a message of hope and kindness – let’s all keep working together, keep our heads up, and do right by one another – and ‘maybe someday we’re all gonna get it right.'”

What is your favorite track from Maybe Someday?

“I really like “Not My Problem” and “I Feel a Heartache Coming” – Heartache wasn’t even going to be on the EP (I had just written it a few days before the recording session rehearsal) and I decided to throw it on because I was so happy with it. The lyrics weren’t even completely finished until I got to the studio that day! But I’m so happy I put it on there.”

Do you have any cowriters on this EP?

“Nope! Just me!”

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