Michael Ray’s New Single ‘Get to You’ Will Melt Your Heart

Michael Ray‘ new single “Get to You” is about looking for the right person who will be there for you no matter what complications come up in the relationship. The chorus brings out the message of this song with him questioning why she is not trying to love him with all her heart.

Why do you run away, run away from love
What the hell are you so scared of
You walk away when you’ve had enough of tryin, of tryin,
Girl there’s always gonna be some pain
A little sunshine, a little rain
It doesn’t mean it ain’t worth it babe
I’m tryin, I’m tryin to get to you

“Get to You” comes after Michael’s second #1 single, Think A Little Less, from his debut self titled LP (released in 2015). He also scored a #1 from his first single, “Kiss You in the Morning.”

Michael Ray‘s fans have been waiting for new music to drop since his first album. They’re going to go wild for his sophomore album. Michael is about to become a HUGE Country artist before you know it!

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