Nashville SC: A Must-Do in Nashville for Sports Fans

For our first Major League Soccer match last weekend, my fiance and I went to Geodis Park in Nashville to watch Nashville SC take on Cincinnati FC. As someone who isn’t a huge soccer fan, I was not expecting to be as excited as I was, but my expectations were greatly exceeded! Nashville SC is Nashville’s newest professional sports team, and if you haven’t checked out a match yet, I highly recommend it.

The stadium, Geodis Park, sits just outside of downtown and is the perfect sized venue for soccer. The design is beautiful and there isn’t a bad seat in the house. You are also very close to the field, making it feel like you are close to the action throughout the match. Not only that, but the gameday experience and the atmosphere are some of the best I have seen in sports. Unlike most other sports, the crowd stands and cheers throughout the match nonstop, making for a really fun time.

There are also many nods to Nashville culture as the pregame involves a guitar riff being played by a local artist as well as many other musical performances pre and post match. For a really fun and unique experience for the whole family, Nashville SC is a fun weekend option that is affordable as well.

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