Perry Ashton Brings an Alternative Edge to Country Music

Perry Ashton
Perry Ashton at Loser's Bar and Grill

Hometown: Montevallo, Alabama

Genre: Country with an alternative touch

Influences: Alanis Morissette, Miranda Lambert, Maren Morris, 90’s Alternative

Favorite Bar: Loser’s Bar and Grill


How did your love for music start?

“My dad and grandad always played guitar when I was younger. My dad was tough and wanted me to learn everything on my own. When I was fifteen, I picked up a guitar and begged for lessons, but he said I had to teach myself. From then on, I picked it up pretty quickly and just fell in love with music.”

Who is your biggest influence?

“I have a lot of influences growing up like Alanis Morissette and Britney Spears, but Miranda Lambert is my number one influence because she has a purpose in music and isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in.”

Do you cover a lot of Miranda Lambert’s songs?

“Yes, she is my go to when I’m playing covers. I might sound pretty basic, but my favorite one to sing is ‘Gunpowder and Lead’. I was in a karaoke contest in school and I loved it so much that now it’s my first to cover.”

Listen to her latest single ‘Burnt-Out Cigarette’

Is there a story behind ‘Burnt-Out Cigarette’?

“When I moved to Nashville, I had a two and a half year relationship. He wanted me to stay in Alabama and not move to Nashville. I wanted bigger things than what Alabama offered and wanted to be in the music community. We ‘floated’ away from each other and the breakup didn’t end well. I was in my room one night and the words started spilling out for the song. Most people compare whiskey to their breakup. I took a different route and compared the breakup to a cigarette.”

What are some other songs you’ve written?

“I’ve written ‘Tennessee Dirt’ about moving to Nashville. It talks about the whole broadway scene and mountains in Chattanooga. Tennessee has so much to offer. It’s hard working nine to five but it’s worth working for what you want. ’65 South’ is about Birmingham and Alabama.”

What is your ultimate goal in music?

“I don’t expect to be the next Maren Morris or Kelsea Ballerini, but if I can just get a cut from someone like Miranda Lambert or Kacey Musgraves, that would be the number one thing that happens in Nashville for me. I’m just going to keep working my butt off.

Are you active in the music community?

“I try to go out to shows and network with artists that play. I went to Blue Bar one night and met a songwriter who I saw my first weekend in Nashville. She was a huge inspiration for me because it was before I started playing out in Nashville. Now we are co-writing in a few weeks. It’s awesome what networking can do.”

Perry Ashton

Favorite ice cream flavor?

“I have a huge sweet tooth. The first time I had Ben & Jerry’s was a couple days ago. I’ve always thought Blue Bell had the best ice cream. I sampled a lot and had triple chocolate brownie. That’s my favorite… or cookies and cream.”

Something people don’t know about you?

“I can’t stand hearing people chew their food or crunch on anything. At work, it’s super quiet because we are answering calls all day. Every day, my co worker chews on ice across from my cubicle. I try to bite my tongue about it.”


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