Recapping The Finale Of Penned Up

Penned Up

So one thing I did not know until I joined the livestream Wednesday night was that this week’s episode of Penned Up would be the last one! That’s unfortunate! At least this week’s episode was a good one. Dillon Carmichael and Michael Ray joined Matt Stell and Lindsay Ell this week. Matt shared his song “Whole Lot To Drink About”. This song came about after a conversation about a colleague who lost a family member and got divorced in the same week. The title was a quote about how much that colleague was going through. Matt and team decided to spin this quote that had a negative connotation into a positive message about celebrating and forgetting troubles.

Lindsay was also in a positive mood this week. Her song “Living On It” reflected that. It’s a funky and upbeat song about enjoying live no matter what you have. Her Instagram Live show is continuing every Tuesday, so check that out!

Joining for finale Wednesday is Dillon Carmichael. He starts out with a brief joke song he wrote about breakfast, more specifically his love for cereal. He’s been in Kentucky during quarantine, fishing and spending time with family. And family was the theme of his song. His untitled track reflected on what it means to be family.

The final guest on Penned Up was Michael Ray. He’s been able to see family over the past week. He’s also been spending much of his time working on his third album as he’s been able to write more often than he has been. His song, also untitled, had a theme of not knowing he was country growing up. He says before he left his Florida hometown, he thought everyone grew up that way. Leaving his hometown showed him that he had a real special youth.

And with that the bakery is closed! Big thanks to Matt and all of the artists who have participated over the past eight weeks. Hopefully some of the songs can be reworked and released! Who knows, maybe there will be more surprise episodes coming soon? You can re-watch the finale below.

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