Strap In Your “BOOTS” With HARDY’s Latest Single!


HARDY’s first release of the new year is the rockin’ single “BOOTS”. He’s had a lot of influence from classic rock over the years, and “BOOTS” is another addition to his country-rock fusion back catalogue. It’s a hard-hitting breakup song about knowing that he’s ready to move on from a disastrous relationship; he’s keeping them boots on so he can get out as quick as possible. The heavy guitars match perfectly with need to move on.

And I knew I wouldn’t have to take the time puttin’ ‘em back on when I’m sober

Yeah I knew you’d be pissed off over me and I’d just be hungover

Girl I knew I’d open my eyes in a house fit for a dog

Knew I’d need ‘em come the daylight so I didn’t even take them off

I woke up in my boots this morning

It’s a good angry song that gets your blood pumping! Listen to it below and make sure to follow HARDY on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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