The Best To-Go Margs In Nashville You Need Tonight

I don’t think anyone can say it better than the Marquee outside of Rosepepper Cantina said it.

As of March 23, 2020, Nashville is allowing to go margaritas (as well as many other alcoholic beverages). Which to some place may not seem like a big deal, looking at you Louisiana, but this bible belt city didn’t even allow the sale of wine in grocery stores until the summer 2016, and didn’t allow sales on Sundays until 2018. To say we were a little behind would be an understatement. So, the news of to-go mixed drinks, wine, and beer was huge deal and pretty widely celebrated!

With these new quarantine rules there are so many options of where to order from and what you should get. Well, I am here to suggest a few of my favorite items from restaurants that are also offering to-go margaritas! This is by no means a complete list of all places offering to-go margaritas. Also, some of these menu items may not currently be available, but below are my favorites at each place.

Garcia’s Cool Springs

You could make a meal out of Garcia’s salsa alone. It is always fresh and in my opinion, the best in town! However, since most people want a little more substance than a meal of chips and salsa, I would highly recommend you give the Taco Loco a try! I personally sub out the beans for rice because I am a rice-o-holic! Order

Rosepepper Cantina in East Nashville

So my favorite menu item is a little hidden on the main menu. If you look under “side items” there is an item called a “fiesta bowl”, which is rice, chicken, and cheese dip! Sometimes I’ll ask for a side of verde sauce. Where this is a side option it is large enough for a meal! Order

Bar Taco

GET THE PORK BELLY! Either in tacos or a rice bowl, doesn’t matter but the protein base should be the glazed pork belly. Since they have speciality margaritas you’ll have lots of options for your to-go margaritas! Order

Cinco De Mayo (Multiple Locations)

Many people have been to Cinco De Mayo, with good reason the food is always dependably good, however, I feel like many people have not ventured to try the chicken soup! The chicken soup is an awesome option filled with huge chunks of chicken, rice, and pico. I feel like it is often an overlooked option that could quickly become a favorite item for many people! Order

Mas Tacos Por Favor – East Nashville

If you have ever been to Mas Tacos, there is usually a long line. So,what a better time to get it without the long wait! Also, they are usually cash only and is now accepting Venmo. If you haven’t tried it yet, I would recommend trying the elote (corn). Order

Nectar Urban Cantina – Donelson

I know I said above most people don’t want to make a meal out of just chips and salsa, but when you swap out salsa for queso, I feel like you can make a meal out of just that. All the food at Nectar I’ve tasted is great, but by far the most memorable item I tasted was the queso. It’s the perfect creamy texture and has poblano peppers blended into it, which gives it a slightly green color and a fantastic flavor! Order

Saint Añejo – North Gulch

When I first moved to Nashville, I couldn’t go a week without hearing about Saint Añejo, and for a good reason. They have fresh food and awesome drinks specials which includes two-for-one to-go alcoholic beverages now! It would be a disservice not to mention them when talking about to-go margaritas! When you can considering what to order besides drinks, I suggest the chicken fajitas! Order

Superica – The Gulch

When Superica first opened up in Nashville, it filled my instagram feed and there was always a line. Once I tried it, I knew why! Have you ever had a Puffy Taco? If not, you are missing out! This unique menu item should be on your Nashville food bucket list! Order

Edley’s BBQ (Multiple Locations)

This might feel like an unusual choice when it comes to talking about margaritas, but to-go margaritas are now being offered and the food is great! Any of the meats are awesome, but I tend to favor the brisket. Also, I have never tried a side here that wasn’t great! So, if you aren’t feeling Mexican food tonight, but you still want a margarita Edley’s is a great choice! Order

Butchertown Hall – Germantown

Another option if you aren’t feeling Mexican food or you are quarantined with someone who wants something different than what you are craving this is a great choice. My favorite items are actually sides; the Brussels sprouts and the street corn! To be noted they do still have great tacos here as well, and both sides mentioned above are great options for those tacos. Order

There are so many more places offering to-go food and drinks, so make sure to keep supporting those local businesses! Drink up, stay inside, wash your hands, and enjoy some good food!

If you have any questions or want to see more food photos, follow me on Instagram: @lawandorderingallthefood

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