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Aly Cutter, born and raised in the sunshine state, has had her eyes set on being a Country artist since childhood. She’s learned a lot in her career and is ready for the world to hear her new single “Not Over You”, releasing April 24.

Hometown: Lakeland, Florida
Influences: Patsy Cline, Journey, The Eagles, Pat Benatar, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Staind, Goo Goo Dolls

Growing up, Aly would sing in school and church. Her Aunt was a role model and played a big part in Aly’s career choice. “She was in a band and had a thick beautiful country tone. I wanted to be her,” Aly says. At age 15, she traveled to Nashville and started songwriting to find her voice while developing as an artist.

aly cutter and band
Aly Cutter & Band

Aspiring artists look to hone their craft and get a ton of experience when first starting the journey. In 2010, Dollywood was calling Aly’s name to be a full time performer at their world class theme park.

“Dollywood was amazing. It was like camp for adults haha! Honestly it wasn’t something I had any real experience with and I had always wanted to try but the stars had never lined up until then. I met some amazing talented people during that time and it was a great experience. You wake up to snow on the mountains, the park smelled like cinnamon, and I got to dance and sing all day. It was awesome.”

Since then, Aly has been writing and playing shows, releasing her debut Out of Love’s Way EP in 2017 and a single to follow. When not performing, relaxing is her mantra.

How do you enjoy your free time?

“My favorite pastime is actually sitting around drinking bourbon and working up fun random cover songs. I also love hiking, being outdoors, and getting some sun when I can”

Aly‘s new single comes out on Friday, April 24, and she is so excited for the release! With influences like Staind and Goo Goo Dolls, the single allowed Aly to stray from those genres and be true to herself as an artist.

aly cutter

How does it feel to release your first single on your own?

“Releasing a single on my own is very daunting but I’m so proud of this single and this project so that makes it exhilarating! It’s the first time I feel like I am being one thousand percent authentic to myself as an artist and performer.”

If you are loving Aly and want to hear more, there will be more releases in the future, so follow her on social media! “We already have some other releases ready to roll out in the future but also are creating and the project continues to evolve every week,” she says.


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