Brenda Cay Chooses Between “Love Or Dreams” In Latest Music Video

Brenda Cay Love Or Dreams

Brenda Cay has released the music video for her song “Love Or Dreams”. As the title states, the track deals with the struggles between pursuing love and pursuing dreams. It features Brenda with her love as a vignette of their past. Memories like this highlight Brenda’s need to move on and find life’s purpose. The atmosphere of the video emphasizes the need sometimes to leave what you love behind to chase your dreams. And chase dreams she has! 

Brenda Cay saw massive success with her EP “Fragile Like A Bomb”. It has garnered over 1.9 million Spotify streams and attracted 12 licensing deals. Brenda enjoys intertwining her music with different genres, drawing inspiration from pop, rock, and R&B. She cites Kenny Chesney, Terri Clark, and Sara Evans as so of her greatest influences. We had the chance to talk with Brenda and ask her about the video for “Love Or Dreams” and some of her career highs so far.

Getting Candid With Brenda Cay

How did you get started in the music industry?

Brenda Cay: I feel like it was a calling on my heart. I have always loved music and writing, so I bought a guitar one day and started learning how to play and compose. Writing my own songs just naturally led to recording and releasing my music, which is the product of a lot of hard work and a lot of mistakes. I can’t wait to see where future mistakes might lead!

What inspired you for your song “Love Or Dreams”?

Brenda: I travel back and forth to Nashville frequently for songwriting and recording and I also have a dream of being on tour some day. I love what I do, but it’s still hard when I have to be away from my husband. He’s super supportive of my music which is great, but in some ways it makes leaving even harder. 

Where did you get the idea for the video for “Love Or Dreams”?

Brenda: A lot of the ideas for the “Love or Dreams” video came from the song lyrics. I don’t live near the beach anymore so I tried to bring in scenes like playing with the beach ball out on the porch to get a beachy vibe. The most important thing was for the video to show us having fun hammering home the point that leaving is hard because we love being together. I love my dogs too and they tried to photo bomb a few scenes. Maybe they can be in the next one!

Some artists you cite as influences include Kenny Chesney, Terri Clark, and Sara Evans. How have their influences impacted your musical career?

Brenda: These artists always put out great songs and I strive for that with my music. I hope that my music impacts other people the way their songs have impacted me. I often think of that when I’m writing and ask myself, “So what, or what would Terri Clark do?” I admire their work ethic and they’ve also taught me the importance of appreciating others. I think of Kenny Chesney’s song, “I Didn’t Get Here Alone.” I wouldn’t be where I am without a great team (co-writers, the band at the studio, my vocal producer, my publicist, and the staff at the record label) and amazing fans. I’ve had fans reach out to me on social media and tell me how much one of my songs meant to them. One of my fans sent me a hand made wooden plaque with”1-2-3 Floor” on it because that song brought him so much joy. That connection with my fans is what gets me out of bed in the morning!

You received a Josie Award nomination in 2019. What was that like?

Brenda: Being nominated for a Josie Award was humbling! There are so many talented people in the music business! I get a lump in my throat just thinking about having my name included with artists in every genre from all over the world. 

Any big plans for your career coming up?

Brenda: I’m working on some great new songs and I’m excited for new collaborations this year! I’m going to be playing at some songwriter’s festivals and I’m looking forward to traveling and meeting new people. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

Brenda: When I have free time, which isn’t very often, I like to go to the movies. It’s one place where I feel like I can truly unplug and get caught up in something other than my own life. 

Chasing “Love Or Dreams”

Thank you so much to Brenda Cay for chatting with us! Make sure to watch the video for “Love Or Dreams” below! Follow Brenda Cay on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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