Auburn University Empowering The Future of Music Business

Auburn University Empowering The Future of Music Business

Auburn University Empowering The Future of Music Business. In the constantly changing music industry, aspiring young professionals face an array of challenges as they seek to establish themselves in the business. Recognizing the need for guidance, networking, and education, Auburn University’s Music Business Association (AUMBA) emerged in 2022 as a crucial platform for nurturing the next generation of music industry leaders.

At the heart of AUMBA’s mission is its commitment to providing skill development opportunities. Meetings are led by seasoned industry expert, Jennifer Bohler and have prominent industry leaders cover a wide range of topics, from copyright and licensing to artist management and concert promotion. These sessions not only equip students with practical knowledge but also offer a glimpse into the inner workings of the music business.

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AUMBA’s academic offerings extend beyond the classroom, with the admins posting internships on social media that place students in real-world music industry settings. These experiences provide invaluable hands-on training, allowing students to apply theoretical concepts to real situations and build connections within the industry.

Auburn University’s Music Business Association stands as a beacon of guidance, education, and opportunity for young entertainment professionals aspiring to break into the music industry. By providing a comprehensive curriculum, valuable networking connections, and platforms for artistic expression, AUMBA equips its members with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-evolving field. As the music industry continues to transform, AUMBA’s role in cultivating the industry’s future leaders remains indispensable.

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As AUMBA continues, its President, David Putman and the execs, Hollis Layton and Avery Benson, are dedicated to continue to provide students at Auburn University with important experiences and connections that will help foster the next generation of outstanding music business professionals.

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Auburn University Empowering The Future of Music Business

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