Aly Cutter Finds Herself in New Single “Not over You”

aly cutter not over you

Nashville based artist, Aly Cutter, releases an emotionally driven single about the struggle to free herself from feeling stuck in an unhealthy relationship.

Aly Cutter , from Lakeland, Florida, releases her new powerful single this Friday titled “Not Over You”.

“Not over You” is a reflective piece of Aly’s previous toxic relationship, where she could not escape from the incessant thoughts and feelings, even after the eventual breakup. The expressive lyrics are relatable to people who can’t move on from a relationship, as friends and relatives persistently question every detail.

“This song was actually inspired by an old band member of mine. We were so competitive with each other and constantly playing mind games that, once we finally parted ways, I still struggled to not let him back in my head.”

This song is special for Aly, as she looks forward to show fans a completely different sound than previous projects. This was the first song written that allowed Aly to break from Pop and Rock influences, setting the tone for being free and true to herself as an artist.

Listen to Aly Cutter – “Not over You”

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