Frank Ray Releases Debut Self-Titled Album

Frank Ray Self-Titled

After years of putting in work, New Mexico native Frank Ray released his self-titled debut album July 7. Frank Ray combines multiple singles released over the years with new songs fans are bound to love. This former policeman turned in his handcuffs for a guitar in 2017, and it’s a fortunate change of careers for country music fans. “Country has always been the music that’s closest to my heart. It’s always been like my comfort food for my soul,” Frank Ray says of why he sings. Frank enjoys twisting his Hispanic roots into his music, being influenced by ranchera music.

“It’s also been fun to incorporate different elements of who I am into this new music, continues Frank. “This project stays true to my heritage and upbringing, fusing a Latin flair, cool and funky arrangements, Classic Rock and R&B grooves alongside 90s Country inspired barstool songs.” That Latin influence rings strong in tracks like “Wasting Your Words”. Romantic guitars mask a confident realization that a relationship is over. “Y’all Showed Up” has a beachy vibe, celebrating a moment of relaxation turning into a party. “There are definitely some high-energy party anthems to boot!” exclaims Frank. “Party With Strangers” definitely embodies that! There’s no greater joy than bringing old friends and new together for a good time.

Frank Ray On, Well, Frank Ray

Frank Ray shows that he’s not afraid to display a vulnerable side. “Spring Break” reminisces on the intensity of a brief relationship and the longing for that sensation to last longer. “Prettiest Girl At The Bar” is very tender and gentle, emboldening feelings of lament. When it comes to love lost, there still is a bright spot to be found. Released earlier this year, “Somebody Else’s Whiskey” shares relief that a toxic relationship is over. And “Big Fan” is a pleasant song dedicated to the one who he loves. Don’t forget his 2021 smash “Country’d Look Good On You”! This song introduced Frank Ray to the world, showing his unique blend of styles for a sound country music needs.

“My intention was always to come into Country music with something refreshing, different and new,” continues Frank. “This album has always been my dream – to put out a body of work at mainstream Country music as a signed artist that isn’t just MY contribution to Country music, it’s also hopefully paving the way for other Hispanic artists to come into the format.” Frank is definitely paving the way for a more diverse sound in country music. We can’t wait to see what comes next. Stream Frank Ray below. Follow Frank Ray on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.

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