Jessica Rose Urges You to Appreciate Your Loved Ones with “Quit Complaining”

jessica rose quit complaining

In a time of fear, uncertainty, and anxiety, pop country artist Jessica Rose releases her new single “Quit Complaining”, urging listeners to appreciate their loved ones instead of spreading negativity.

“Annoyed by petty arguments on social media and shallow complaining about things that don’t matter, Jessica hopes her song serves as a wake-up call for people to take a step back to be grateful to be alive,” said in a recent press release.

The catchy song has a lighthearted message, intertwined with her thoughts on worrying about more important things in life. Listen to the track below, along with the lyric video. The official music video will be released April 25.

So I'll quit complaining
Got air in my lungs and someone to love
Took for granted the things that I've got
It's like I forgot that money don't buy everything
We're not promised everything
And time is short so I'll make it sweet
And I'll quit complaining

Jessica Rose – “Quit Complaining” Lyric Video

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