49 Winchester Go Gutsy With “Fortune Favors The Bold”

49 Winchester Fortune Favors The Bold

49 Winchester released their latest album Fortune Favors The Bold under their new record label, New West Records. This new partnership allowed them to have more creative control and expression, highlighted throughout all the tracks on Fortune Favors The Bold. “They’re a very artist-centric label. It’s all about maintaining the integrity of each individual artist and allowing them to create freely, and we were able to do just that,” says lead singer Isaac Gibson. This freedom is evident.

The titular track, “Fortune Favors The Bold”, emphasizes the drive and determination 49 Winchester has to going out and working for what they have. They could easily sit back and watch the world pass by, but they’re working hard to make their mark. “We’re trying to be as proactive and bold with this as we can, taking every opportunity and maximizing every day that we have together as a band,” Gibson says. “All I Need” is a track in a similar vain. They sing about how the road can feel more like home than actual home does.

On the opposite side of that spectrum, “Russell County Line” is a love letter to Russell County, Virginia. The beauty in its simplicity stretches from its longing for creature comforts to its easy melody. There’s “Hillbilly Daydream”, which weaves the story of a moonshiner’s life. And “Man’s Best Friend” highlights the struggles between Jesus and alcohol.

49 Winchester has provided some heartbreak on Fortune Favors The Bold. “Annabel” is a track about proving love for the titular Annabel and how much he needs her in his life. “Damn Darlin'” is a track filled with sorrow and regret, where listeners will feel for them in their lament.

Fortune Truly Does Favor The Bold

“We’re after this relentlessly and have been for a long time. I credit it as being instrumental in keeping us together because we’re all such good friends off the stage. There’s no other group of guys that I’d rather be living this dream with. I can’t wait to see what the future holds,” continues Gibson when we look towards the future. Follow 49 Winchester on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see what the future has in store! Make sure to stream Fortune Favors The Bold below.

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