85 Supply Offers Free Online Store To Help Struggling Businesses

85 supply

Businesses can now sign up to sell shirts and make money during hard times with 85 Supply.

85 Supply, a Nashville based full service supplier of wholesale branded merchandise is giving struggling businesses a chance to make money since the inception of social distancing, which led to brick and mortar closures and limited funds to pay for expenses. Just like these businesses, 85 Supply has struggled since day one. Trevor Sarver, CEO, says, “I remember leaving on a Friday after such a busy week. We came back to the offices Monday morning, and there were literally no incoming orders.”

Trevor and the team came up with the idea for helping these businesses by offering free stores to sell t-shirts. “We wanted to come up with an innovative idea that was helpful for everyone, not just 85 Supply. It really is something special, and so far has been a massive success and helped so many people!”

If you’re asking if your business can sign up, the answer is “yes!” Anyone can create a store for free including churches, organizations, bands & artists, producers, and anyone with a platform or audience.

85 Supply does not intend to end this service and has actually added it to one of their permanent services at the company. Trevor tells me, “from now on, we’re able to offer stores for pre-orders, group buys, events, etc.”

How much money can I make?

Shirts will automatically sell at $25. You make $10 per shirt. The more you promote your store while it’s open (2 week max), the more you will sell and more you will profit.

“If they hustle and promote their store, that can be enough funds to help pay a payroll, bill, and any other operating costs.”

How do I sign up?

Learn more information and fill out the form here.

No strings attached.

There is no catch with a free store set up by 85 Supply. However, there are limitations on the shirt design. See below.

3 Color max logo, 1 location print
Printed on Anvil 980 100% ringspun cotton tees
T-shirts are estimated to print and ship to customers within 2 weeks of campaign end

Have friends or family with businesses who are limited on funds?
Let them know of the free store!

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