Abbey Cone Releases Debut “Hate Me”

Abbey Cone Hate Me

Despite the name of the EP, it’s impossible to hate Abbey Cone once you give her debut EP Hate Me a listen! “This project is me. I felt the feelings, I wrote the songs, I co-produced, I co-directed and co-created every part of this release with my team, incredible cowriters, my family and my best friends. I could never release something that didn’t feel undeniably me,” Abbey says about her debut. From being one of CMT’s Next Women of Country Class of 2020 to Pandora’s 10 Country Artists To Watch in 2022, Abbey Cone makes her presence known with Hate Me.

The title track, “Hate Me” is a strong break-up song. In it, Abbey sings about the regret surrounding breakups. She doesn’t want her ex to have lingering thoughts about her, wanting her ex to properly sever those ties. She hopes these feelings don’t persist.

Cause at least boy, you still talk about me

And the truth is you feeling something

Is better than you feeling nothing

If you don’t love me I hope that you hate me

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the song “Rhinestone Ring” is about marriage. She doesn’t care if her love can’t afford it. She signs about her willingness to share their love with the world by any means, even with a titular ring made from a rhinestone. “In A Room With You” deals with how she’s magnetically drawn to a love interest whom she shouldn’t be. Her song “King Of The World” is a cheeky dig at an egotistical man. He’s “only king of the world ’cause [his] world is so damn small”.

Abbey Cone has a fantastic career ahead of her. Make sure to follow along with that career on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Stream Hate Me below.

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