Alana Springsteen Copes With “History Of Breaking Up (Part 2)”

Alana Springsteen Breaking Up

How does Alana Springsteen cope with breaking up? She pours her emotions into her music! History Of Breaking Up (Part 2), her latest album, arose from the end of a relationship. “To be honest, I got my heart broken pretty bad last year,” Alana Springsteen says of the toll her breakup took on her. “For a while, it was really hard to talk about or even think about.”

The aforementioned breakup clearly resonates throughout History Of Breaking Up (Part 2). “That Was All You” pins the destructive nature of breakups on her ex. “New Number” highlights how the memory of her ex permeates her thoughts. She laments how ready she is to move on but struggles with the thought of actually moving on. The titular “History Of Breaking Up” features Alana perplexed over the 180 her ex takes in turns of personality change.

Through Alana’s vulnerability she shows versatility as well. “While You’re At It” is the perfect track to highlight Alana’s gentle vocals. She shows strength in both the power and tenderness she fluctuates between on this track. With “Me Myself And Why”, she tackles with how she copes in the fashion she does. “Close To Me” is about keeping certain memories with her.

“I went through this horrible thing, and it hurt, but sometimes the hurt that you feel is a direct proportion to how much love you felt,” Alana says of the pain she went through. Her vulnerability is commendable. Listeners going through similar struggles will find a kindred spirit in Alana. Stream History Of Breaking Up (Part 2) below. Follow Alana Springsteen on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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