New Alex Mather’s “By My Side” Is An Incredible Prelude To EP

New Alex Mather's "By My Side" Is An Incredible Prelude To EP

New Alex Mather’s “By My Side” Is An Incredible Prelude To EP

An Australian-born country singer, Alex Mather, is climbing the radar to be one of country music’s biggest stars. However, with the release of his newest song, “By My Side,” this is no surprise to anybody who’s heard him sing.

The song follows the announcement of his debut EP, “The Long Way Home,” that Mathers announced not too long ago. His latest release will be included on this EP, along with his previously released songs that have all reached number one on Australia charts.

Look at Alex’s Announcement Post Below!

Along with the release of his new high-energy song, Mather has accompanied it with a brand new music video.

“I am beyond excited to unveil the ‘By My Side’ music video to my fans and the global audience,” Mather shared. “Being a part of this project has been an absolute joy, and I firmly believe it injects an abundance of infectious fun into the song. In a world that can always benefit from more joy, this video is a true celebration!”

Watch The “By My Side” Music Video Below!

Mather’s talent caught the attention of record label, After Platinum Records. This record company is most well known for their work with Diddy, Lil Wayne, and Drake.

“Alex is an exceptional talent that rarely emerges —a rare convergence of remarkable talents, unwavering work ethic, and boundless ambition,” said Platinum Records CEO Ernie Romero. “We are absolutely thrilled to introduce his extraordinary gifts to the world and embark on this remarkable journey together.“

Stay tuned for more of Alex’s work!

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New Alex Mather’s “By My Side” Is An Incredible Prelude To EP

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