Ashley Cooke Releases Three New Singles Ahead Of New Album

Ashley Cooke New Singles

Ashley Cooke has a new album due out July 21. In the lead-up to this new album, she dropped three new singles from this upcoming effort. “mean girl”, “shot in the dark”, and “tastes like” are the new singles slated to appear on this upcoming album. This path to release symbolizes Ashley Cooke’s meteoric rise to fame. “It’s been full of bucket list moments for me… I made my Opry debut, signed my first deals, went on tours with my heroes, and lived a lot of life in the moments in between,” Ashley says of the past few years. “This album is about all of that — and it’s about the magic that can come if you really take risks in life and love.”

Up first, Ashley teams up with Colbie Callait on “mean girl”. In this, they reach out to the new girlfriend of an ex. It’s a warning track about women looking out for each other. They caution this new girlfriend to keep her guard up around this mischievous guy. Instead of breaking other women down, this track embodies women building each other up.

This ain’t me bein’ mean, girl
I just hate to see a good heart hangin’ on a string, girl
It sure looks a lot like love, but what you don’t see, girl
Is all those cards slid so far up his sleeve, girl
When he says you’re the only one, take it from me
Yeah, it’s just another thing that he doesn’t mean, girl

Three New Singles, All Different Vibes From Ashley Cooke

Next is “shot in the dark”. This track is all about the risk taken when meeting someone out. There’s a tender hopefulness in this song, where the possibilities of long-lasting love linger on one’s mind. Turning up the tempo is “tastes like”. This one shows Ashley’s fun side! It has an upbeat vibe perfect for summer. Put this one on your pool playlist!

We’re looking forward to July 21 for when Ashley releases this next album. It’s gonna be a big one with 24 tracks! We have 21 more songs we can’t wait to hear. Stream Ashley Cooke’s three latest singles below. Make sure to follow Ashley Cooke on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

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