Austin Burke Releases Debut EP “Changed Everything”

Austin Burke Changed Everything

After having released a slew of singles to start his career off, Austin Burke has released his debut EP Changed Everything on March 25th. The Phoenix native has had a series of successful singles already under his belt. He also has opened for some of the big names like Dierks Bentley. And there’s also his 2019 Grand Ole Opry debut to note there! “Finding yourself as an artist is never an easy thing to do but it’s something that excites me about this release,” states Austin, reflecting on the buildup to Changed Everything.

The five-track EP Changed Everything features two of Austin Burke’s previously released singles. It starts off with the title track, which was released last year. “Changed Everything” is a laid-back jam about how he re-arranged his life following a break-up. It’s a nice way he pays homage to an ex for showing him the wrongs of his ways. Also previously released is the single “Let It Burn”. This track has already seen success, reaching #4 on Billboard’s Digital Country chart. The “burn” referenced in the title refers to the burn of breaking up. The “burn” also refers to the need to let his now-ex move on.

Austin adds three new gems to his repertoire with this EP. “I Don’t Care” is the polar opposite of “Let It Burn”. Instead of sorrowful remorse, “I Don’t Care” features a more celebratory ode to breaking up. “Slow Kissin’ In A Fast Car” presents vivid images of bright scenery and burgeoning love. Changed Everything concludes with “Even On A Bad Day”. This track contrasts the breakup songs of the EP with a cute love song. He muses over how his love interest brings out the best in him.

Austin reflects on his excitement over Changed Everything: “I’m excited for country music fans to continue to find me, my music and I can’t wait to hear what they have to say about the EP”. He has done an excellent job with his debut, and we’re looking forward to see what he does in the future! Stream Changed Everything below and make sure to follow Austin Burke on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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