Avery Anna Rides The Waves Of Viral Success With EP “Mood Swings”

Avery Anna Mood Swings

October 7 saw the release of Avery Anna‘s EP Mood Swings. “Mood Swings is made up of songs that are inspired by moments in my own life where I have felt either really happy, really in love, really confused, or even really sad,” Avery Anna says of her latest release. “These songs come straight from the heart, so I am so excited for you to hear them!”

Mood Swings features her smash hit “Narcissist”. This track set the charts on fire, topping SiriusXM’s The Highway’s Hot 30 countdown. Kelly Clarkson also covered this track on her Kellyoke segment of her talk show! “Narcissist” is a track that serves as a release for Avery, freeing her from the emotional baggage she’s incurred over the short years of her life.

“What Made You Think” saw release in September. The song features an ex trying to sneak his way back in to her life. Another track that has seen earlier release is her song “Critic”. This track calls out someone who keeps bringing her down; she puts her foot down and kicks this drag out of her life. 

“Biggest T-Shirt” sounds like a comforting track, but that hides someone hiding from their insecurities. “Good Day” is about putting your worries behind you and reveling in the moment. In a similar vein, “La Di Da” displays the whimsy in Avery’s mind as she lives life in a dreamy fashion.

Avery Anna got her start during the pandemic when she started filming herself singing in her mother’s bathroom. Over the last two years, her music has gone viral on TikTok and she signed a deal with Warner Nashville. We’re looking forward to seeing what she does next! Stream Mood Swings below. Follow Avery Anna on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and that famous TikTok!

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