Bailey Zimmerman Shows Both Vulnerability And Grit On “Where It Ends”

Bailey Zimmerman Where It Ends

Bailey Zimmerman keeps steamrolling through 2022 with his latest release “Where It Ends”, dropping August 19. “Where It Ends” is a raw and honest look into the emotions of a break up. Even at his young age of 21, Bailey Zimmerman shows fortitude in the face of something so significant like the end of the relationship.

“Where It Ends” features a melody with strong blend of country and rock. Its Western beginning sets up the dramatic undertones of the lyrics. Once the chorus hits, “Where It Ends” goes into full gear where Bailey Zimmerman maintains his need for closure. Anyone who knows the importance of moving on from someone who’s holding you down will resonate with the message of this rockin’ break-up track.

Went to battle for ya always
Fought for ya on your worst days
Then you told me that you don’t love me no more

You’re the last thang that I thought I’d lose
All I ever wanted was to be loved by you
I let you back in, and I gave you a second chance
Like a jet plane on a clear blue sky
Sun came shinin’ down on all your lies
I got too much pride to let that happen again
So this is where it ends

Bailey Zimmerman is using his viral success to his advantage. With over 1.5 million followers on TikTok, he was able to hype up “Where It Ends” for a while now. Each TikTok featuring promotion for “Where It Ends” has over 400,000 views. And his growth keeps rising! Stream “Where It Ends” along with his other recent releases below. Follow Bailey Zimmerman on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

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