Ben Burgess Pivots From Songwriter To Artist With “Tears The Size Of Texas”

Ben Burgess Tears The Size Of Texas

“Tears The Size Of Texas” is the first track songwriter Ben Burgess has penned for himself. Having written some of country music’s greatest smashes of recent times, including Morgan Wallen‘s “Whiskey Glasses” and Tyler Rich‘s “The Difference”, Ben Burgess is writing for his own singing career. “Being able to put out my own music, the kind of music I’ve always wanted to release, after a lifetime of trying to get to this point; it’s a dream that I’m finally living,” Ben says of writing for himself.

With “Tears The Size Of Texas”, Ben Burgess pours his heart out. Heartfelt vocals accentuate the words of remorse Ben puts to the track. Ben sings about living the vagabond lifestyle and how that interferes with romance. This fictional partner longs for his company, but his wayward lifestyle can’t guarantee he’ll have the desire to stick around. By the end of the song, he’s left his love, which fills him with remorse. Now he’s the one crying those big tears instead of his love who has moved on.

You’ll be crying tears the size of Texas

The California coast crashin’ in on ya porch

Daisy ‘fore you go and do somethin’ reckless

Know how wild my west is

Maybe you can call up all my exes

They meet up at that church every week for support

Before the judge convicts me girlI’m here confessin’

I ain’t one to mess with‘

Cause you’ll be crying tears the size of Texas

“’Tears’ was actually the first song I wrote after Big Loud offered me a record deal, so it was basically the first song I wrote knowing I was going to get another shot at being an artist,” continues Ben on his songwriter-turned-artist trajectory. Ben has an album planned for release later this year, so it will be exciting to see what he does now that he’s holding the reins. Stream “Tears The Size Of Texas” below. Follow Ben Burgess on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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