The Best Country Songs For Father’s Day

Best Country Songs For Father's Day

The best country songs for Father’s Day are different for every person. However, there is certainly no shortage of country songs talking about father-child bonds, and we have complied a list for you here. Whether you’re with your dad on Sunday or even hundreds of miles away, these songs are sure to pull on your and your dad’s heartstrings.

“I’ll Be There” by Josh Turner

This Josh Turner song details the many roles a Dad plays throughout childhood and in a child’s life in general. It’s a slow, easy-listen song that is sure to make anybody cry!

“Things Dads Do” by Thomas Rhett

A song by Thomas Rhett is always going to be an incredible song, and this is no exception! This song details how Dads always have that one quirk or aspect of themselves that’s unique.

“Boy” by Lee Brice

Coming from this boy-dad, Lee Brice wanted to tell his son that it’s okay to be stubborn and to make mistakes, but at the end of the day to continue to be true to himself and learn from everything he does.

“Daddy Come and Get Me” by Dolly Parton

Leave it to Dolly to give us an incredible song about turning to your dad after being heartbroken. A Dad’s help and advice is something that never grows old, and Dolly details this well.

“Song For Dad” by Keith Urban

Keith Urban never misses, and this song about a child growing up and learning to appreciate his father’s love. He also goes on about how he wishes he could be like his dad as he raises his children.

While there are so many other incredible country songs about Dads, ultimately there is no greater song to a Dad other than your own love and appreciation. Hug your dad, tell him you love him, and send him some of these songs!

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