Blaine Holcomb Takes Pieces From His Life To Teach “Lessons”!

Blaine Holcomb Lessons

New York’s Blaine Holcomb dropped his latest EP Lessons September 23. “I’m really proud of this new project and I can’t wait to share it with everyone. I feel like it’s my best work to date and I’m excited to get these new songs out to the world. I hope you love [it] as much as I do,” Blaine says on his website. As someone who’s cut his teeth on the bars down on Broadway, Blaine Holcomb works tirelessly to give listeners something to be excited about with his throwback sounds and traditional influences. Lessons definitely encompasses all of that!

Blaine Holcomb released the title track “Lessons” in July. Featuring guest vocals from Kinsey Rose, “Lessons” has a 90s throwback vibe to pair along with the need to make the most of every day. Prior to that, “When It Comes To Love” dropped in June. In this track, Blaine reflects on the influence love has had on him. More recently, Blaine released “Love A Little More”, another romantically inclined track about an admirable love story.

New tracks include “Expecting Champagne”. This song tells the story of how what was supposed to be a romantic night turned sour. “Sober Situation” is both easygoing and danceable, where Blaine woos a mystery love interest down in her luck. “I Ain’t Making That Up” reminisces on his youth in such a charming way that’ll have listeners reflect back on their childhood as well. Lessons doesn’t hold back with its six tracks! There’s something for everyone on this EP, and with Blaine Holcomb’s smooth tone and familiar melodies, he’s bound to collect more fans.

Give Lessons a stream below. Follow Blaine Holcomb on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

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