Brandon Blackburn’s Electric Song “472” Is Crazy Underrated

Brandon Blackburn "472"

Brandon Blackburn’s electric song 472 is crazy underrated.

Blackburn, a singer from Orange Beach, released “474” on September 21, 2022. This song received nearly 8,000 streams within the first week of its release, but there is a lot more streams and recognition that is well-deserved.

The singer is inspired not only by country artists such as Eric Church and Kenny Chesney, but also by artists like Poison and Matchbox 20. All of these artists have been combined and made into a unique sound by Blackburn, creating a masterpeice.

“472” has the classic country sound with a twist of modern country as well, making the song an incredible work of art that is bound to make any listener want to get in their car, roll the windows down, and crank this song up.

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Alongside the catchy lyrics and instruments, the meaning of the song is something that a lot of people can relate to.

“472 was written about a past relationship of mine,” Blackburn states. “It was a long-distance relationship with someone who lived in Nashville at the time, and it was really written about being someone who travels for work and is on the road but is longing to get back to that special someone. 472 is actually the mileage distance from Orange Beach to Nashville, and that is how the song really came about.”

Since September, Blackburn has released another amazing single titled “I Remember You,” with even more projects already in the works. As per Blackburn’s words, “you’ll just have to follow my social media to keep yourself in the loop!” Until then, we cannot wait until then.

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Brandon Blackburn’s Electric Song 472 Is Crazy Underrated

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