Brandon Hartt Has His Foot On The “Gas”

Brandon Hartt Gas

Up-and-comer Brandon Hartt is putting in the work to make a name in the biz. He released his latest EP Gas on May 20. He describes his style as “a little bit hippy and a little bit outlaw”. A multi-instrumentalist, new listeners will hear how several different genres come together to make the Brandon Hartt sound. With a degree in music production, Brandon takes those skills to new levels.

The titular “Gas” is more of an allegory song. It starts off interestingly when he compares himself to a truck. However, it changes when he notes how he runs on love. He notes the rest of the world’s dependence on gas, and how his love interest fuels his “truck”.

“Good Years” is another driving song. Alluding to the tire making company, the good years are the thrill of driving fast. In “Live With Me”, Brandon reflects on some of his more unsavory traits and wants to find ways to fix them. “Paw Paw” pays homage to Brandon’s grandfather. He reminisces on the lessons and traditions he learned from his grandfather. “Love Dealer” is dedicated to his love interest who dotes on him and lifts his spirit.

Brandon Hartt has over 150,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Stream Gas below and join this group! Follow Brandon Hartt on Facebook and Instagram and watch his trajectory soar.

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