Brett Eldredge Releases Latest Love Song “Wait Up For Me”

Brett Eldredge Wait Up For Me

The latest release from Brett Eldredge is the tender love ballad “Wait Up For Me”. This track of longing is the latest preview of Brett’s upcoming album Songs About You. Released on May 13, “Wait Up For Me” is a gentle, piano-centric track where Brett ponders his lover to stay awake for his return. We’re not sure how long Brett has been away from his love, but from the sounds of the lyrics, it’s been quite a while. 

Hope you’re pacing back and forth, up and down the highway

I’ll be right there, I’m turning down your street

You come and get me smiling, been thinking ’bout it all day

Don’t go to sleep, wait up for me

Brett’s latest full album is due for a June release. His excitement for his latest project is substantial. “With this being my fifth record, which is crazy, I’ve really found my heart and soul in all of this, and it shines in a big way. I found who I am, and now you get to hear who I am. Hopefully it becomes all about you in the same way,” Brett Eldredge says about the upcoming Songs About You. It’s a nice pivot after he’s earned the title of Mr. Christmas after last year’s holiday release titled, well, Mr. Christmas.

Stream “Wait Up For Me” below! It’s release on Spotify contains all the songs Brett has released in the lead-up to Songs About You. Also make sure to follow Brett Eldredge on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates.

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