Brooke Eden Show Vulnerability With “Choosing You”

Brooke Eden Choosing You

Brooke Eden released her much-anticipated EP Choosing You on July 29. Brooke Eden shared her excitement about sharing this five-track effort with fans. “Choosing You was written during the first chapter of my life where I really felt comfortable in my skin,” Brooke says. “I hope people feel a sharpened sense of self-worth after listening to it. I’m so excited it’s finally out in the world!”

Prior to the release of Choosing You, Brooke Eden shared her single “Left You For Me” in June. This track celebrates leaving a toxic relationship in order to rebuild the relationship she has with herself. This track aims to empower those who are stuck in a loveless situation to go out and rediscover themselves. New songs include the notable “Knock”. This track asserts that you don’t have to let anyone treat you badly for love’s sake. In a similar sense to “Left You For Me”, “Knock” emboldens listeners not to put up with crap from others.

Also appearing on Choosing You is the swinging “Comeback Love”. The track tells the tale of an independent woman who gets all of a sudden swept up in the throes of love. “Heartless” and “Off The Ground” are both vulnerable tales of being open in love. “Heartless” is where Brooke Eden admits to keeping her guard up and what happens when she lowers those walls. “Off The Ground” celebrates that feeling one gets when they feel that high of being in love.

Choosing You is sure to garner Brooke Eden new fans thanks to her easygoing melodies and the openness of her lyrics. Stream Choosing You below. Make sure to follow Brooke Eden on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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