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Canaan Cox Stilettos

Today, Canaan Cox releases his latest EP Stilettos. Stilettos consists of the three singles already released during the year (“He Loved Me”, “Stay Home”, “Hung Over You”) plus three new songs debuting upon release of the EP. He has spent 2020 meticulously crafting the six songs featured on this EP. “Victim of a Dream” was the first song he was able to crank out. Steadily, he worked on the remaining songs he had planned out, organized by spreadsheet prior to the turn of the new year. On the process of developing one of these new tracks titled “She’s Sorry”, Canaan states:

I was making coffee one morning in December. I had no concept of the song just a hummed out melody with a few rhyming words here and there. Later that day I got in the studio to lay down the chord progression I was humming along to for “She’s Sorry.” 

He poured his heart out for this song as he tells us it made him so emotional while working through it that it actually made him tear up. He spends his time methodically creating each song to make them stand out from one another, and, most importantly, he didn’t rush anything during the creation of Stilettos. Fusing country, pop and R&B sounds, Canaan has his own unique style for all music fans. He says that he writes for him “as a creator, as a producer, as a lover of music”. He believes music is magic and his goal is to convey that to the listener.

As a lover of feeling completely overwhelmed by one lyrical line to the hairs standing up on your arms from an orchestral sforzando [a sudden or marked emphasis] to that swag horn syncopation… music is so magical. And that was a common word, a theme rather, to this EP. 

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You can feel that magic in every word! Give Stilettos a listen and make sure to follow Canaan on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for future updates.

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Canaan Cox Stilettos EP now available

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