Carrie Underwood Announces “Denim And Rhinestones” Album

Carrie Underwood Denim and Rhinestones

Carrie Underwood fans rejoice! Carrie has announced that her ninth studio album Denim and Rhinestones will be released on June 10th! “I can’t wait any longer!! I have a new album coming June 10! Get ready for #DenimAndRhinestones!” Carrie shared with fans on her Instagram. Denim and Rhinestones follows her recent Grammy-winning My Savior, a roots gospel album passion project. That effort earned her her eighth Grammy. And Carrie’s very excited to surprise fans even more with this new album.

In preparation for Denim and Rhinestones, Carrie also released the album’s titular track. It has more of an 80s throwback synth sound to it, which is really cool how she meshes her country vibes. The song is about how she and her partner naturally fit together. She utilizes apt comparisons to highlight this:

Like jet black and a Cadillac
Like Tennessee and a bottle of Jack
Dolly and a tape deck on the way back to home sweet home

Like Mama and the kitchen
Cooking supper on the stove
Like a sweet tea and a lemon
We go together like denim and rhinestones

Carrie Underwood has also teased fans by releasing a track list. This list also credits writers for the respective songs:

Denim and Rhinestones

  1. “Denim and Rhinestones” (Carrie Underwood, David Garcia, Josh Kear, Hillary Lindsey)
  2. “Velvet Heartbreak” (Underwood, Garcia, Lindsey)
  3. “Ghost Story” (Garcia, Kear, Lindsey)
  4. “Hate My Heart” (Underwood, Garcia, Michael Hardy, Lindsey)
  5. “Burn” (Underwood, Garcia, Ashley Gorley, Lindsey)
  6. “Crazy Angels” (Underwood, Garcia, Lydia Vaughan)
  7. “Faster” (Underwood, Garcia, Lindsey)
  8. “Pink Champagne” (Underwood, Garcia, Gorley, Hillary Lindsey)
  9. “Wanted Woman” (Underwood, Garcia, Josh Miller)
  10. “Poor Everybody Else” (Underwood, Chris DeStefano, Miller)
  11. “She Don’t Know” (Underwood, Garcia, Hillary Lindsey)
  12. “Garden” (Underwood, Garcia, Miller)

June 10th can’t come soon enough! Stream “Denim and Rhinestones” the single below to prepare yourselves in the meantime. Make sure to follow Carrie on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Maybe she’ll drop even more teasers in the meantime!

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