Carrie Underwood Tells a Haunting “Ghost Story” In New Single

Carrie Underwood

It’s not a scary campfire story Carrie Underwood has for fans in her latest single “Ghost Story”. However she does share an eerie tune about how her memory will stay with her former flame for some time to come. This new song starts off with a spooky, dramatic, and waltz-like melody. She shares how her presence will linger with her ex. 

You’re gonna see a shadow

Midnight playing tricks with your head

A silhouette float down the hallway

And you’ll reach for the light by your bed

You’ll hear a noise, swear you know the voice

And you’ll chase it down the stairs

You’ll look around, not a single sound

‘Cause there’s no one even there

The tempo picks up at the chorus, where she hammers home her enduring presence. “There’s some drama. It’s a cinematic song. It’s a great story song … and there’s just something kind of epic about it,” Carrie says, reveling in her excitement. She’s enthusiastic as the song sounds different from many other songs we hear on the radio today. Her eagerness to share what’s coming down the pipeline is evident.

“Ghost Story” encapsulates a new flare Carrie Underwood hopes to take over into her upcoming new album. Hinting at what’s to come, Carrie reveals “We covered a lot of ground making it and just kind of went into the whole project (like), ’Let’s just have fun and make music we love and see what happens.’”

The news of a new Carrie Underwood album with such variety is sure to excite fans. Stream “Ghost Story” below. And make sure to follow Carrie on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates on the new album!

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