Carter Faith Spooks Listeners With “The Devil’s Still Down In Georgia”

Carter Faith Devil Georgia

Carter Faith shares a captivating tale inspired by a well-known classic. “The Devil’s Still Down In Georgia” dropped May 27th, and while it’s not necessarily a dreary encounter with a fiendish spectre, it’s still a haunting and forewarning tale. “It was so fun to get to write something different and inspired by such a famous and fun song. Getting to write the song and then almost immediately record it was so special because we got to really continue riding that magic instead of having to try and find it again,” Carter says of how this song came to be.

The devil in this story can be construed as anything one can find adversarial. It works well as a track that can adapt to any scenario with the legendary Georgian backdrop. The melody has spooky synths with Western twang emphasizing the peril. Hints of the tone of Kasey Musgraves pepper the track, while Carter intertwines her own unique tone.

Don’t go west of Caroline
You’ll make your bed in Hell
Don’t go south of Tennessee
There’s poison in that well
Well, no, Heaven doesn’t feel as hot
Once you’ve got a taste of fire
Ain’t no signs to warn you
He’s alive and well
Yeah, the devil’s still down in Georgia

Carter Faith is a rising powerhouse in the Nashville scene. She has several different directions she can go in and it’s exciting to see where she goes next. Stream “The Devil’s Still Down In Georgia” below. Follow Carter Faith on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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