Check Out Cole Swindell’s Remix Of “She Had Me At Heads Carolina” With JoDee Messina!

Cole Swindell JoDee Messina

At first, JoDee Messina served merely as inspiration for Cole Swindell to write “She Had Me At Heads Carolina”. Now, the track is Cole Swindell’s twelfth number one hit, holding the number one spot for five weeks. And, also now, JoDee Messina joins Cole Swindell for a remix of the track featuring her actual vocals! Initially with faded vocals and tuned up a couple octaves, JoDee officially joins the track with the release of this remix. “Did y’all really think we were gonna leave you hanging without releasing a version of this song w/ @jodeemessina?!?” Cole posted on his Instagram. “Such a full circle moment for this here 90’s Country fan… the ‘She Had Me At Heads Carolina’ Remix is OUT NOW!” Cole elaborated on the writing process, which he did in cooperation with Thomas Rhett:

“It was the weirdest, coolest process I’ve ever been involved with. When me and Thomas Rhett were talking about it, we both knew it would be a huge idea, but we had to write it right. You can’t mess up a classic hit like that.”

After finishing the song, they sent it to JoDee, who cheerfully responded that she liked the track. “We were all kinda freaking out,” Cole said after getting the response. Now, fittingly, JoDee joins Cole for the track! JoDee sings the legendary chorus the introduce the remix. She also joins in for backing vocals. Give the remix of “She Had Me At Heads Carolina” a listen below. Follow Cole Swindell on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Follow JoDee Messina on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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