Check Out Raleigh Keegan’s Latest Single “wouldn’t change a thing”!

wouldn't change a thing - raleigh keegan

This year has been a productive one for Raleigh Keegan! April 17th saw the release of this Kentucky native’s fifth single of the year “wouldn’t change a thing”. It’s a real laid-back style in the same vein as his other releases this year with a strong message. Raleigh sings about pushing through tough times and not wanting to change having to face adversity as it makes one a better person.

“All of my best stories seem to come as scars
Somewhere I heard they make it who you are
So even if I could
I don’t think I would
Change a thing

The real chill vibes of Raleigh’s music makes his songs easy and enjoyable to listen to. And judging by how much he’s released so far in the year, it looks like there’ll be plenty more to come! Make sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates and stream “wouldn’t change a thing” below!

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