Chris Janson Goes “All In”!

Chris Janson All In

Chris Janson is going all in with the release of his fourth album called, well, All In! Chris has taken on more responsibilities with the production of the album. Being involved in producing is something Chris cherishes about the work he put in. “When you’re really hands on with it, I’ve noticed for myself personally, I’m 10 times more excited about it than I ever was,” he says on his efforts.

The title track of the album demonstrates the love he has for his wife Kelly. It shows how quickly he became invested in their love. “All In” is “100 percent my story….gosh, I love that song,” he reflects. On the other side of the coin, there’s “You, Me & The River,” a collaboration with Eric Church. The song is about confronting the man the subject’s wife is cheating on him with. It’s dark and gritty; you’ll root for the hero in this song as he gets his revenge.

Another highlight is the cheeky “The Reel Bass Pro”. For all you lovers of fishing, this song is for you. Straight-shooters of the world, there’s something for you on All In too, “Cold Beer Truth”. “We Did It Anyway” is for the persistent ones out there who forge their own paths. The patriotic “Flag On The Wall” will most likely definitely be heard over the Fourth of July Weekend. And if you need a good cry, put on “Bye Mom”. All in has something for everyone and every mood.

It’s going to be a busy back half of 2022 for Chris Janson. He’s embarking on a tour with Travis Tritt this fall! They joined forces on All In’s “Things You Can’t Live Without”, a sizzling 90s throwback. “From day one, I said, ‘I’ve got to get Travis on this with me.’ It would just be so killer,” Chris said about the collaboration!

Got an hour? Listen to All In and that hour will fly by! Stream All In below Make sure to follow Chris Janson on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates.

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