Coffey Anderson Releases “Come On With It”, First Album In 3 Years

Coffey Anderson Come On With It

Texas singer-songwriter Coffey Anderson released his latest album Come On With It on June 17. It’s his first release in three years. Coffey Anderson put a lot of heart and soul into this album, and he looks forward to fan response. “Come On With It is me 100%. I want a singalong,” he says. “I tell anyone, ‘If you want to hear a Coffey song, think of the male Shania’—we’re talking about big fiddles, big guitars, loud drums—stadium country. We need to celebrate together, and Come On With It is the perfect opportunity to do so.”

He’s already shared several tracks on Come On With It. There’s the ever-patriotic “America Is My Hometown”. Bound to be an Independence Day anthem, this track celebrates everything the USA has to offer. “Blessed” is an expression of gratitude. “Ain’t As Lonely”, his partnership with Dillon Carmichael, is an ode to breakups. It’s sort of an after-breakup party where they drown their worries with the help of Jack Daniels and Jim Beam.

Other new songs on Come On With It include “Friday Night”. The celebrative nature of Friday nights starts as a countdown to the weekend. It’s a party song that happens to also have an easygoing melody. The titular track “Come On With It” is another celebratory track. It’s all about having a good time. That’s what Coffey Anderson has been specializing with in his musical career over the last two decades.

Come On With Coffey

Coffey Anderson’s main goal with Come On With It is for listeners to have fun. He’s managed to show off his jubilant nature with his Netflix reality show Country Ever After. “I think this is the year of us realizing we need each other more than we thought. If this album can remind us of that and offer music moments that make people a little bit more human — mission accomplished,” Coffey sums up on his goals with this effort. Stream Come On With It below. Follow Coffey Anderson on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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