Cole Swindell Aims To Smash With “Stereotype”

Cole Swindell Stereotype

Cole Swindell has released his fourth studio album Stereotype on April 8th. It’s been four years since he released 2018’s All Of It, and Cole has been itching to give his fans something new. “It’s always thrilling to have new stuff out that you’ve been working on, you’ve been waiting on people to hear but when it’s been you know over 3 years I think it’s even more exciting and just hopefully the fans are just as excited,” Cole says on the release of Stereotype. And the stuff he has is definitely worth the wait!

Cole Swindell has been steadily releasing singles to be featured on Stereotype in the meantime. He shared the title track recently. He twisted around the word and concept of “stereotypes” into a romantic twist. “I just thought what a cool title that could be if you could write it a different way and I thought about you know instead of it being stereotyped what if it’s you got a girl that she’s the turning up my stereo type of girl and I just think, just a little twist like that is why I love song writing,” he says on reflection.

One track appearing on Stereotype that has been previously released is his duet with Lainey Wilson, “Never Say Never”. The two sing about not being able to stay away from a relationship. “I have been a fan of Lainey Wilson’s for a while now and what she brings to this song is everything it needed,” Cole says on working with Lainey. “Single Saturday Night” also appears on Stereotype. Originally released in 2020, Cole wanted to gift fans some comfort during troubling times.

Time For Something New

New tracks on this album include his partnership with HARDY, “Down To The Bar”. This breakup song is about drowning sorrows at the end of a relationship. “She Had Me At Heads Carolina” pays ode to the JoDee Messina song “Heads Carolina, Tails California”; it takes the melody and re-arranges it to fit for falling for a girl singing the song at karaoke. “Miss Wherever” is another track dedicated to a mysterious girl, paying tribute to those girls who turn heads wherever they go.

Cole Swindell has been an ambitious and hard-working performer for a long time. “I’m still not where I want to be. I want to be filling out arenas,” he says regarding what the future holds. That will definitely be the case soon enough! Stream Stereotype below. Make sure to follow Cole Swindell on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates!

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