Corey Kent Defines His Own Victories In “How You Know You Made It”

Corey Kent How You Know You Made It

Corey Kent‘s career exploded earlier this year with the release of his smash hit “Wild As Her”. With Corey Kent and his latest release, “How You Know You Made It”, there’s the aim to replicate that success. In the track, Corey Kent laments on how he defines success. Even though he has such a burgeoning career, “How You Know You Made It” defines success for Corey in another way. “I spent years trying to ‘make it’ in the music industry,” Corey says of the work he puts into his career. “Trying to make a name for myself. Trying to make a dollar. I was newly married to my wife, just had our first baby girl and I was more focused on providing for her than being there for her.  I took for granted the things in life that really mattered.  I was so busy chasing a dream that I couldn’t see that I had THE DREAM right in front of me the whole time.”

Corey reflects on what success is throughout the track. He notes that he has gained recognizability after years of hard work. He also notes that the ride to success can be very tiring, so finding comfort with familiarity is important to him. His dedication to showing love to his home and family is palpable. The punch the chorus provides tugs at the feels within the listener.

I’m takin’ in the moment
And watchin’ that red sunset fadin’
I’m already holdin’
That dream that I’ve been chasin’
Wall Street can keep the money
Hollywood can have the famous
I’ve got a house that’s home
I’ve got a can that’s cold
I’ve got a hand to hold

That’s how you know you made it

“A lot of people are telling us we just might be the next big thing; that we are going to “make it.” And hell, maybe they’re right. Maybe it’s our time. But what they don’t know is…I got a house that’s home. I got a can that’s cold. I got a hand to hold. We already made it,” Corey continues his reflection on how he feels he’s achieved success. Stream “How You Know You Made It” below. Follow Corey Kent on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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