Cotter Hill’s EP “Songs About Us” Is What We’ve Been Waiting On

Cotter Hill "Songs About Us"

Cotter Hill’s EP “Songs About Us” is what we’ve been waiting on in the country music world.

As I sat down to write a review on this EP, I was prepared to find one or two good songs to add to my playlist, but had found that each song was on it the second I had gotten to the first chorus.

This EP starts off with “2400 Sqft,” a high-energy song with passionate vocals. Hill gives the listener intense imagery that allows each person to be transported to the place Hill was as he wrote the song. The term “love at first sight” is something that is shown throughout a lot of songs, but this one is different. There are no names attached to the song, allowing the listener to apply the song to whomever they please.

Already having been hooked on the first song, the second song hit me like a truck. “Quit Like You” is much different than the first song, but not in a bad way at all. While this song is once again full of energy and an upbeat tempo, the emotion behind the lyrics is beyond clear. This song describes the want to quit thinking about a previous significant other like they had, but it’s a lot harder in reality. While there are still songs to go, Hill decided to put the last song of the EP as an acoustic version of this song, making the emotions clearer for both Hill and the listener.

“Wishing I could flip that switch / make my heart stop longing for you like this / just like you did / wishing I was good at never reminiscing / the sight of even missing you or what we had,” Hill sings with the same amount of passion I sing in the car to “All Too Well (10 minute version) (Taylor’s Version).”

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While still recovering from the previous song, Hill transports the listener back to classic country instrumental to the title track, “Songs About Us.” While Hill wishes there was more of Summertime, I wish there was more of Hill to listen to with the windows down. Topped off with the passionate high-notes mixed in just before the bridge, this song is nothing less than perfection.

Now, “GMC Time Machine” makes me want to go in my Dad’s old Yukon XL and listen to this song. This song unlocked the memories of bringing home my childhood dog in this car and plugging in a U2 cassette. It makes you want to reminisce on the good times from your childhood, or just general good times.

The final song on the EP, “Cowboy Gets Caught” immediately caught my favor as it mentioned my favorite animal, horses. Not a shocker, considering the title, but the best way I can describe this song is in relation to horses. This song feels like the wind in your hair as you gallop across an open field: free, relaxed, and full of spirit. The lyrics all lead to a special person that breaks the wall around Hill’s heart, stating that they’re the only reason “this cowboy is caught.”

There seems to be Hank Williams and George Strait influences throughout the album, mixed with some modern artists, and it’s something that works so well for Hill.

Cotter Hill is the person that country music needs, that country music wants, and most importantly, one of the artists that will continue to keep country music alive and thriving. Even for people who don’t necessarily care for country music, Hill is the person to be able to change their minds and become a loyal fan. While I wish there were more than six songs on the EP to listen to, I heavily look forward to more incredible songs from Cotter Hill and will listen to these songs on repeat for a long time coming.

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Cotter Hill’s EP “Songs About Us” Is What We’ve Been Waiting On

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